Erotic Nights of Frankenstein

aka The Curse Of Frankenstein 
Directed by Jess Franco 
Cast - Howard Vernon, Denis Price, Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Luis Barbou, Albert Dalbes, Daniel J. White, Beatrice Savon, Fred Harrison 

  Here's an extremely bizarre Spanish/French co-production. The story opens with Dr. Frankenstein having just succeeded in shooting enough electricity into his silver skinned monster, so it could now speak. It promptly complains about the pain in it's head. Minutes later, the Doctor and his assistant are murdered by this bloody thirsty bird woman (who's blind and has  telepathy) and some other guy, and the steal the Frankenstein monster. The doctor's evil rival Calyostro (Vernon) wants to control the creature, and use it to capture women for him. Calyostro plans to construct the perfect female by using body parts from various women. Meanwhile Vera Frankenstein attends her father's funeral, only to later steal his body. She and her assistant hook up good ol' dad to the electrodes and shock some life into him, just long enough to get some answers. Knowing that Calyostro is responsible, she infiltrates his castle only to wind up his slave. While that is going on, the local physician Dr.Seward also takes an interest in the case, and winds hooking up good ol' Dr. Frankenstein to the electrodes to get some answers of his own. He finds out about where Vera went, heads for the castle as well. 

  This is a fine example of how Jess Franco could sometimes do quite well with a very small budget. At times this film has an atmosphere that almost other-wordly. One of the most interesting characters is Calyostro's bird woman assistant Melissa, who telepathically receives her orders and also feeds on the blood of humans. She's one of Calyostro's creations along with 
a bunch of other silly looking fools in masks, who pop up from time to time. In the cheap thrills department, there are many. Besides a lot of full frontal nudity, there's a flagellation scene with the monster whipping the hell out of a chained up naked couple. There are a few gore scenes, but nothing over the top. Honestly it's too bad Jess Franco didn't make more bizarre 
horror movie like this, as this film is one of a kind. Highly recommended for fans of European horror films.

-T. Luster



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