"For An Endgame Champion In The Year 2025, There's Only One Way To Live. Dangerously."

A.k.a: Endgame, gioco finale. Directed by Joe D'amato Italy, 1983

One of Joe D'amatos most enjoyable films. Surprisingly it has little gore but is thick throughout with action. Don't be turned off by the PG rating because it does not spoil the movie in anyway. It seems back in the day showing some bare breasts and violence were standard PG fare.

Endgame is the name of a death sport where warriors fight to the death (well, obviously if its a death sport right). The current champion named Shannon (familiar face for genre fans, Al Cliver from Lucio Fulci's Zombie) is hired by a group of people with special abilities (including Laura Gemser who plays a telepath) to transport them for escape from the wastelands where they live in constant fear . Gemser's telepathic ability enables her to communicate through her mind with Shannon saving his hide a number of times. Shannon gets together a group of warriors to assist him promising a lot of money to them after the job is finished. Eventually Shannon's arch nemesis played by George Eastman joins the quest and the two fight side by side.

In concluding, Endgame is worth renting or buying if your into the Italian post apocalyptic flicks because the action never lets up and the ending is good for a change (1990: Bronx Warriors, Escape From The Bronx, After The Fall Of New York, Warriors Of The Wasteland all have weak conclusions). If you like this one give D'amato's '2020: Texas Gladiators' a try but a fair warning to you that it's not as good as Endgame.

-Richard Taylor



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