Emmanuelle In America

Emmanuelle In America A.k.a Brutal Nights

Directed by Joe D'amato 1976, Italy

The late Joe D'amato made countless porno/gore and sleaze films before his death. While sticking more to pornography in the 90's he had managed to incorporate both the horror and sex genre into some of his films. Such movies as Emperor Caligula and Trap Them And Kill Them are better examples. While Emmanuelle In America is strictly more of a sleaze romp it still manages to incorporate some nasty elements into it.

With most of D'amatos Emmanuelle films Laura Gemser plays the the title role as the dark and beautiful Emmanuelle, a character who seems to spend her time lavishing around fashion model sets and reporting for a newspaper. To get a story Emmanuelle goes deep into the seedy sex underworld where she discovers a society bent on sexual perversion.

There are memorable moments in the film and some which you'd probably like to forget. One scene has a lady fondling a horses giant schlong while the horse makes sounds I've never heard a horse make before. If this doesn't turn you on then you have the faked snuff footage which displays men brutally molesting women by branding them and shoving big hooks up their crotches.

The hardcore sex inserts in the film (other versions do not contain the horse, snuff or hardcore footage) are poorly and noticeably inserted especially when they all occur one after another during a particular point in the film. The hardcore sex is also quite tame compared to today's standards if any porn connoisseurs are interested since this was made in the seventies. The sex scenes which seem about to occur between Gemser and a male companion are noticeably cut as well while the lesbian scenes which are obviously soft-core are shown (its known Gemser does not do hardcore). Emmanuelle In America is a very dull movie and I don't recommend putting it on your must see list because it doesn't have enough gore for the horror crowd or enough sex for the porn crowd. If you want some primo D'amato gore check out Buried Alive and if you want wacky wild ass porn check out Anal Paprika.



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