Directed by D'urville Martin 
1975, USA

"Dolemite Is my Name and fuck'in up mutherfucka's is my game!"

Badass cool daddy Rudy Ray Moore explodes on the screen with his foul mouthed kung fu skilled hero who takes no shit from nobody! A poor mans Shaft is what I would call Dolemite except Dolemite uses a lot more profanity and kicks a lot more ass so that makes him better than the man who no one understands but his woman. This 1970's blaxploitation parody is done in a sleazy low budget fashion with Moore's character relying on a number of one dimensional rhymes and "can you dig its" to carry his role through. Dolemite has a acquired a cult following by genre fans alike but not so much to the ilk of Shaft. What maintains interest throughout is the mean spirit the film conveys compared to others of its kind, it even features a gory disembowelment.

Terribly edited and acted its still entertaining and you'll probably find yourself trying to seek out the sequel. Moore's dialogue steals most of the movie and is very memorable: "Dolemite is my name and fuck'in up motherfuckers is my game", "move over and let me pass supposed I have to shove these hush puppies up your motherfuck'in ass!" or the always classic "that's for fucking with me you no good barn yard insecure motherfucker!". Out of all the Blaxploitation films Dolemite champions as one of the best and most memorable. Next time you have a get together with your friends pop Dolemite in the VCR and a good time will be had by all. Expect all the usual stereotypes, goofy 70's clothes, a "black brotha" reverend who preaches to his people to "fight the power" and sells guns on the side, a crooked mayor, crooked honkey cops and characters by the name of Queen Bee and Creeper, a character who invented the phrase "I'm so bad, I kick my own ass twice a day." Get Dolemite, can ya dig it? The movie has recently gained some publicity by appearing in an Ol' Dirty Bastard music video.

Richard J.Taylor



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