Deadbeat at Dawn

Directed by Jim Van Bebber 
Starring Jim Van Bebber, Paul Harper, and Megan Murphy 
Ketchum Video (old shitty VHS), Synapse Films DVD (2000)

Goose (Van Bebber) is the leader of a street gang called The Ravens. They are engaged  in an ongoing turf battle with a rival gang, The Spiders, led by scumbag Danny (Harper). At the insistence of his girlfriend, Chrissy (Murphy), Goose quits the gang to get a new start on life. Danny orders a couple of his thugs to "waste" Goose. The punks arrive at Goose's apartment only to find Chrissy home by herself. They decide it would be a waste of time if they left without leaving some sort of a calling card, so using a nine iron and a one wood they they do quite the number on the poor girl and leave her to die. When Goose returns home he is utterly crushed and quickly heads down the road to ruin. What follows has got to be seen to be believed so I won't spoil it for you... see it yourself!

DEADBEAT AT DAWN is the be-all-end-all of low budget action movies. Director Van Bebber does a wonderful job of masking budgetary constraints by putting believable characters into realistic situations. Dayton, Ohio provides perfect locations for the "wrong side of the tracks" settings that this film demands; trash lined streets, dirty railway stations, abandoned buildings, ahh... you get the picture. Van Bebber is a jack of all trades for DEADBEAT: Actor, director, writer, stuntman, SFX person, cinematographer,  and who knows what else. My only beef with this movie is that there is too much time wasted with Goose and his girl spending "quality time" together near the middle of the film, which seemed to detract from the overall fast pacing of the rest. Other than that this was a perfect film. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good action film.




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