Darkness (1992) 85min.
Director: Leif Jonkers
Cast: Gary Miller, Michael Gisisck, and Lena Donham
Special FX: Gary Miller 

Extremely low budget, amateurish, vampire/zombie gore movie released by Film Threat (the same company that brought us the wonders of Nekromantik). In the first five minutes we are treated to some of the most graphic bloodletting in film history.

This movie plays like a documentary, and the shooting it on video helps to catch the feel, making it ultra realistic in some places. Late night at a gas station, a blood-caked boy hysterically talks about someone coming to get him, and that the end is soon to come. Well, guess what happens? Everybody in the scene is killed except for a boy hiding behind snack food displays. The rest of the movie has the boy chasing down the vampire with a shotgun and holy water. Everywhere he goes, death has already struck and he finds himself, along with a few other teens fighting the undead victims of the vampire.

In the end, the victims are led into the sunlight and they begin to graphically melt and explode, in a scene rivaling the lawnmower scene of Dead Alive for most onscreen gore. Again, the realism of this makes it seem so much worse than Dead Alive, or at least to me. Be advised, if you are the least bit squeamish, take caution before watching this, but for those who are interested, be my guest, this is without a doubt the goriest movie I have ever seen.

Blood and Guts: A+

Doug Brotherton



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