Caligula: The Untold Story

Emperor Caligula: The Untold Story

More Joe D'Amato (Aristicide Massacesi) sleaze and decadence and the man knows how to deliver! The Untold Story doesn't have anything to do with the original, its just an ancient tale of perversion and madness. David Brandon who also starred in Michele Soavi's Stagefright as the play director plays the lead role as Caligula. He's a Roman ruler who is paranoid, crazy and sadistic but your never sure if you should hate him or like him a wee bit.

The film has a number of ladies being lined up to serve the palace big wigs and one of those is played by Italian sex goddess Laura Gemser who plans to avenge a young girl who did at the hands of Caligula. There's not much story line in it to follow, we're basically given a look at Caligula's lifestyle and the sadistic acts performed. Poor old Michele Soavi's character gets his tongue cut out and tendons severed due to a failed attempt on Caligula's life. The most memorable scenes being those of Caligula's once trusted men, now traitors getting spears slowly shoved up their rectums in glorious detail after betraying Caligula.

Untold Story is definitely worth watching, don't be fooled by the movie box, D'Amato is actual director David Hills much the same as he is Peter Newton on the Wizard version of Monster Hunter. Check out Caligula, its a pretty entertaining flick, indulgent nonsense but good anyway. Rack up another one for old Joe! I'm pretty sure there's a pornographic version of The Untold Story because D'Amato is also known for his porn pictures.

Rating: ***

"Get a spare up the arse and cure what ales ye!"



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