Burning Moon

Burning Moon
by John Casper P. is your friend
With They're all in German
Directed by Some German Guy

This somewhat entertaining German entry in the sleaze bucket we call entertainment has some interesting moments, nestled in a mud pile of incoherent exposition. The plot is simple, rebellious guy gets in the car with rebellious friend, goes on a job interview, acts like an asshole, leaves gets into one of the most hysterical gang wars I've ever scene. He goes home, fights with mother, fights with father, mother puts daughter to bed, parent's go out, guy gets high.....Okay, it took us 30 minutes to establish, THAT.

Our main character, dressed like a DURAN DURAN look alike from the eighties, looks out the window and sees our main title (well, not really our main title but a fairly nice optical of a BURNING MOON). While high on what I assume must be Heroin, he goes downstairs and tells his sister two really grizzly story to I guess make her go to sleep, The first one JULIA'S LOVE, sounds and almost look like some perverse porno film takes us on a predictable romp through the journey of a young women and her escaped boyfriend, he killed a batch of people and they threw him in a mental institution. Well, it's pretty predictable from there...Hence annoying flashbacks, some really weird murders (apparently the writer or director of the film has this obsession with banging people's head against a wall)....

Our second story, THE PURITY, leads us to a freaked out guy, obsessed with Satanism, raping and murdering young virgins...There some interesting stuff here (although the casting of our slasher is, well, odd)..We get the usual American standard (clever how the German's steal from us, when we started steeaing from them) pentagrams, candles, books, torture, the usual....We eventually end up in a really graphic purgatory sequence, though the effects are mediocre, there's a scene with a drill that made me cringe.

The stories end and well, Im not going to screw up the flick for you.The film's (videos) biggest flaw is it's first grueling half hour and unnecessary plot structure...We know the guy's a fuck up but did we have to endure 30 minutes of eclectic nonsense? The gore is definitely there and well, its fun to sit through and at times it gets a little uncomfortable but its a nice attempt for a no budget flick shot on high 8 video...It's worth an hour and a half...

Gore level: ***
Puke Monitor: **
Scare Level: *
Overall rating: **1/2



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