Burial Ground

Burial Ground AKA Zombie Horror, Zombi 3. Andrea Bianchi 1979 Italy

Another shitbox Italian zombie rip-off film. This has a whole lot 'o gore but nothing you haven't seen before(except for the lady getting her nipple bitten off by her own son). It has a scientist who raises the dead(I'll be damned if I know how!). The old guy who looks like a major loser gets offed himself and hordes of zombies attack the guests he invited to his place. Lots of cheesy gut munching, a decapitation, zombie head smashing, head blasting, Fulci homage eye ball skewering on a shard of glass.

This has all the right elements to become one of the worst films of all time. The characters you hate, the zombies look stupid and the ending is very infuriating. The ending has the last couple of survivors about to be done in by the zombies when a message comes up about the dead ruling the earth or someth'in stupid like that. I'm getting really tired of these poorly filmed Italian zombie films with shitty dubbing. One thing that interested me in this film was the incest based relationship between a mother and son. Why would you have an un-necessary element like this in a horror movie, what was the reason for it?

The son who is named Michael is one of the most frick'in odd bastards I have ever seen looks wise. He looks like he has the face of a man and the body of a child. I wonder what that guy is doing to this day(anyone got his phone number?). The bottom line is that this film is crud, log, dung, turd, manure, droppings, guano, poo, shit and all of life's prettiest things mixed together. Don't have to witness this film.

Rating: 0 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor



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