Bubba-Ho-Tep (2002)
United States
Director: Don Coscarelli

Well, I finally saw the highly evasive "Bubba-Ho-Tep" last night at the Seattle International Film Festival and can sum it up with one word: AMAZING! I'm not going to spoil anything in hopes that this will get some kind of distribution soon and ALL of you will see it. I will, however, share some of my thoughts on the movie and its performers.

Bruce Campbell gave the performance of his life as an elderly Elvis (complete with big belly, graying hair/ sideburns and walker) and also did a spectacular job as a younger Elvis in flashback sequences. He had the look, walk, moves, and voice down pat! I have never seen anyone play Elvis so well! Ozzie Davis was also very impressive as JFK, delivering some hilarious lines in a totally serious fashion and conducting himself with the manner one would expect of an ex-president. The dialog throughout the movie was priceless, the writers really did a great job at being hilarious without delving into the stupid-type silliness that plagues a great deal of modern comedies. While some of the special effects could have definitely done with a higher budget (the mummy for example) everything looked pretty damned good. Don Coscarelli's direction was great, with camera angles and styles very reminiscent of the "Phantasm" movies. Amazingly I have NOTHING bad to say about the movie at all, it's that good! I fear saying anything else would ruin a lot of laughs and surprises so I'm going to close by saying that this is hands down the best movie I have seen this year. If you are a fan of horror movies, comedies, Bruce Campbell, or Elvis you simply can NOT miss this movie. If you have any film festivals in your area pay attention to the schedules as you can't miss the opportunity to see this on the big screen. One word of advice, buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale, they went really fast here in Seattle.


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