Bride of Frank

Bride Of Frank

Tons of fun shot on video low budget cheese is hard to come by these days and Bride Of Frank was a nice surprise. An extremely twisted movie with a minuscule budget which looks to have been filmed with a camcorder is how to describe Bride Of Frank but its still a fuck'in gas to watch. A sick old fuck named Frank (one of the ugliest pricks I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on) is horny and wants a bride with big tits, besides this trait he is not a fussy man!

The movie is filled with nonstop vulgarity along with some very creative low budget gore ( I noticed the retractable knife in one scene) and its all in good fun. With Frank you can take him for his word, he doesn't threaten you, he kills you in the exact same way he describes. If Frank says he's going to rip off your head and shit down your neck, he'll do it (this scene has to be seen to be believed!) or if he says he's going to skull fuck you, look out for your eyeballs! Frank takes no shit and this movie proves wholeheartedly.

Numerous laughs can be had when Frank is talking, his dialogue (or muttering) is so indecipherable subtitles are used so you can understand what's being said. This movie will more than likely be passed off as gutter trash but I'm praising it heavily and telling all people to see it. A sequel to this masterpiece is supposedly in the works, lets cross our fingers and hold our balls (or twats just to prove I'm not sexually discrimitive) tight and hope it becomes a reality.

-Richard Taylor



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