Open Water

Here was an encouraging change of pace in this moviegoing year. It's not quite the BLAIR WITCH MEETS JAWS that people keep trying to peg it as... for one thing, the sharks are not as huge a part of the film as the publicity may lead one to think--on the other hand, they're all real, and the feeling of "being there" is something OPEN WATER has on its side from beginning to end. 

You know, it's not a perfect film--it can get a little bit draggy at times, and the "seasick cam" may really get to some of you. But it's short, to the point, and has a way of gnawing at you (pun most certainly intended). We all wanted it to be an "instant classic" and take the year by storm. It's not quite that, but it's more than worth a look if you want some relief from the over-produced business that's been clogging theatres for most of the year, and it knows how to exploit genuine fear. 

So just get ready for the "it's not really a horror film" arguments. Hell with that. It aims to frighten and disturb and it does so quite admirably.

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