I'm Not Scared

Well, here we go again with one of those "not really a horror movie" titles. But I'm going to put it here anyway because this is one of those thriller/drama/loss-of-innocence movies that can be greatly informed by a background in the genre--while giving back generously in return. 

Let me give you a few titles to go on here--films that involve child characters at the center but which DON'T cloy at you with a lot of phony, goopy sentiment. 

THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE. Ann Carter's performance can still move me to near-tears here as she turns to an imaginary friend to ease her loneliness... yes, it's a sequel to CAT PEOPLE but it's so much more. 

THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE. Ever seen this little Spanish masterpiece? In which a print of FRANKENSTEIN exerts a huge effect on two young girls during the Spanish Civil War? 

THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE. Similar setting--but here it takes a ghost to give a young boy some harsh lessons in just what cruel depths regular human beings are capable of sinking to. 

Well, now from Italy comes I'M NOT SCARED--which is every bit the equal of these excellent films--even at the expense of genuine supernatural content. In the late 1970s, a ten-year-old boy makes a startling discovery shortly after playing in and around an abandoned structure with his friends. First, he thinks it's a dead body. Then he takes it for a monster. And then he realizes that it's a boy his own age--but this boy believes himself to be dead. And it's probably just as well, because the reality of the situation is even worse. 

I don't want to say much more at all. But this one is guaranteed to pull you in. And it builds to a finale that I couldn't possibly hint at--suffice it to say that the emotional payoff is staggering. If this movie doesn't get to YOU by the time it's over, well, you just might be made of marble and ice water. 

Subtitled, art-house only... I don't know how many of you will get a good opportunity--but see it, see it, SEE IT!

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