Club Dread

Yeah, I know, "Broken Lizard" wants the name above the title. But I don't care to do that. In my area, I guess people don't even go see Broken Lizard movies--I was practically alone for both of them. 

I didn't even bother reviewing SUPER TROOPERS for you, even though I saw it--it was a mildly amusing comedy and I didn't mind sitting through it. Now here comes their take on the slasher film, which puts it in our territory. 

I wonder if this was actually written as a serious slasher film first--believe it or not, for the most part, it doesn't play particularly "spoofy," and the gore gags are played remarkably straight (they're not bad at all, actually). It would only have taken a little tweaking to add the parody material, and it doesn't even threaten to go over the top until the last fifteen minutes or so. So how much you like this will probably depend on how much you like slasher films--SCARY MOVIE this isn't. But Bill Paxton is a lot of fun as "Coconut Pete"--just don't ask him to play "Margaritaville." 

Just a few notes: 

A. Calamari is SQUID, not octopus. 

B. When you spoof the "too many endings" bit, it can be just as tedious as doing the "too many endings" thing for real. 

C. If you liked Jordan Ladd in CABIN FEVER, you must, repeat, MUST check her out here. Wow. 

D. If you have any interest in seeing this at all, then you'd better hurry--it's bombing HORRIBLY. 

Another "just for the record" post--now let's bring on the real horror films, shall we?

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