Bubba Ho Tep

Folks, I just don't know about this one, which FINALLY opened in my area. 

Half of me is saying "Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis both did a tremendous job here--very affecting, amusing performances that a lot of personal effort obviously went into. Very amusing idea at the base of the story, too--and it's nice to see that Don Coscarelli got another one out on the big screen." 

And half of me is saying something like... "Good GRIEF! You thought HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES was a letdown after all that wait? At least something occasionally HAPPENED in that movie! This thing was built up like the Taj-freakin-Mahal, never mind the Great Pyramid! The idea's nice, but we knew ALL about the premise before we even sat down to watch it! Well-acted? No doubt about it. But would it have KILLED the movie to move just a BIT faster?" 

Cute it is. The Second Coming it ain't. 

Just my take--even if it's the least popular opinion I ever offered.

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