Final Destination 2

Good thing they snuck DARKNESS FALLS out first--nobody's going to remember THAT one in a while... 

Surprise, surprise--FINAL DESTINATION 2 is a rehash of FINAL DESTINATION, just like you saw in the ads. Premonition, evasion, fate, Tony Todd cameo. 

Of course, to keep it from being a strict remake, an attempt is made to come up with a new twist or two--specifically, new "rules" and possible formulas to cheat Death--each one cornier and more groanworthy than the last. So why bother? 

I'll TELL you why--rarely have I seen filmmakers take such sadistic delight in dispatching their characters in the most horrendous, tasteless ways possible. They must have been laughing themselves SICK writing this one, and if you take a pass on FD2, you'll be denied one of the juiciest, most mean-spirited splatterfests around. 

You saw the multi-vehicle collision in the previews--but not the half of it. You saw one major setpiece (ranging from a garbage disposal to a fire escape), but not the punchline. And there's so, so much more... 

Look, just go. If you think I steered you wrong, let me know.

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