Ghost Ship

You know, it's less than a week till Halloween, Dark Castle is offering us an unassuming, straightforward horror movie in good faith--so why not just go and have a little fun with it? 

GHOST SHIP has a great opening--one of the best of the year, as I see it. A (very) old-fashioned Warner Brothers logo (and a couple of regular ones) give way to some kitschy, old-fashioned titles (in bright "ribbon" font, no less) as we enjoy a quaint dance event on a luxury liner of the past... then we get one hell of a terrific shock/gore "zinger." I say no more about that. 

Now for the inevitable--can the film consistently live up to that? Naturally, the answer is "no way in hell," and as the salvagers begin to explore the ghost vessel, while it's nice to see that the film is not the ripoff of DEATH SHIP that the poster makes it look like, we must resign ourselves to the fact that we've basically stumbled into a SHINING/EVENT HORIZON clone, and only a marginally effective one. 

It takes a bit of doing to get to the next payoff--we're finally treated to a music-video-styled flashback which wordlessly details exactly what happened way back when... and once again, this is great, grisly stuff--including some extremely gory, lingering closeups that you didn't think could get an "R" today. 

The ending, unsurprisingly, is a mixed bag--there's a sequence reminiscent of the HAUNTING remake that's the creamiest of cheese, and then there's the bit.... 

...but what the hell. 'Tis the season, it's short, it moves, and there's far, far worse out there.

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