Mulholland Drive

I won't make a huge case for this being "horror," but honestly--could you call it "Beaten Track" mainstream?

Always great to hear from David Lynch, and yes, what you've heard from the critics is true: this is one of his most compulsively watchable films ever. I can't begin to guess how it would have played as a TV pilot, by the way.

Save the explanations for later--do yourself a favor and don't read any reviews that try to supply "meaning" before you see the film firsthand, preferably on the big screen. I'll be happy to go into my theories later, if you're interested. But prepare to laugh till it hurts at the "espresso" scene. Get ready for some trademark Lynch characters--wait till you meet "The Cowboy!" And don't expect to forget "El Teatro del Silencio" for a long time... no hay banda!

I should stress that the film is NOT a series of disconnected incidents and effects--you'll certainly understand the situations as they're set up, and there's certainly a plot thread to follow. But when all's said and done, this might out-TWIN PEAKS TWIN PEAKS in the fan debate department (and you might remember that I'm the guy who liked LOST HIGHWAY and have an explanation that I'm perfectly satisfied with for that film).

MULHOLLAND DR. is two-and-a-half hours that fly by and end before you know it. It's a treat, and it's highly recommended.

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