Bloodsucking Freaks

Bloodsucking Freaks

Sleazo-rama fake torture and degradation flick picked up by Troma and maintaining most of their type of films charm. I've heard H.G. Lewis Wizard Of Gore idea was ripped off in this as it is somewhat the same. In Wizard a magician named Montag The Magnificent performs fake mutilations on stage and then does them for real with the audience off stage. In Bloodsucking Freaks Sardu has a torture stage show where he performs very fake looking tortures which are in fact real unbeknownst to the audience.

Sardu and his assistant Ralphus (who's a cool and goofy looking black midget) run a white slavery ring and perform more atrocities back stage. We get the two throwing darts at a naked chicks arse with a bulls eye painted on her butt-cheeks, the drilling of a ladies skull and the drinking of her brains through a straw, a penis hot dog, nipple electrocution and other various tortures.

With most Troma stuff the acting is hilariously bad. Sardu and Ralphus have an especially annoying quality to them. The gore effects are pitiful and the music reminds me of the early H.G. Lewis gore flick Blood Feast. Director Joel Reed is responsible for other bottom feeding slop as Night Of The Zombies II and G.I. Executioner. Bloodsucking Freaks has a good line when Sardu tells Ralphus to "break a leg" and Ralphus responds "but whose master?". The film has its share of T&A, its loaded down with full frontal nudity like I've never seen before for this type of movie.

Sardu keeps a herd of nude "savage" women caged up in his dungeon and the amount of degradation displayed is beyond the point of sick, its hilarious and the fashion it is shown in is very fake but I'm sure feminists have kicked up a fuss over the movie some time in the past. It comes off to me as a silly little movie with some funny bits and a wacky sense of humor not to mention gobs of nudity.

"The movie has a midget, what else do you need!?"

Rating: 3 out of 5



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