Blood of Virgins

Blood of Virgins
Emile Veyra (1967)

Argentinian exloitation director Emile Veyra (who directed 'La Vengaza del Sexo' and my favourite - 'Perversion in a Girls School') had a hit in the late Sixties with this one. 'Blood of Virgins' tells the tale of a group of hipsters hanging around a mountainous holiday resort sightseeing, hillwalking, partying and playing hide the salami. One night, when they've run out of petrol, they're forced to sleep in a deserted house where strange things begin to happen. The girls go missing but when they reappear, they've got vampire bites on their necks. When a guy resembling Dracula shows up, its crystal clear what the guys are up against..

Argentinian exploitation was famed for its high sexual content and hit the headlines a few times with movies like 'Thunder Among the Leaves' sending shockwaves around, and why not? it had the queen-to-be of Argentinian "cinema", the endearing Isabel Sarli showing off her talents. But, 'Blood of Virgins' was the first to combine sex AND horror (anywhere) so its more historic from that point of view.

As a result, there is plenty of sex and vampiric action going on here. For an obvious cheapie there are some good effects - a face smashing, spurting blood - but there isn't much going on in the story that hasn't been seen a zillion times already. This is exploitation at a base level but historic for more important ones.

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