Starring Peter Cushing and Patrick Macnee (The Avengers). 
Directed by Robert Hartford-Davis.

Bloodsuckers is based on the story by Simon Raven entitled "Doctors Wear Scarlet." It is about a young Oxford professor of Ancient Greek Mythology, Dr. Richard Fountain. While doing research on Minoan rights the professor hooks up with a beautiful evil wo man named Chriseis. Chriseis is the leader of a coven on an island in the Aegean Sea. Dr. Fountain's fiancee 
and friends begin to worry about him as they have not heard from him in some time. Following clues they stumble upon the cults orgiastic drug-riddled ritual and find Chriseis with her fangs in Dr. Fountain's neck. Chriseis struggles to get free from one of the men and falls to her death, but she isn't really dead. Dr. Fountain returns to Oxford wear the nightmare really starts.

This film has plenty of acid-popping and pot-smoking right at the start. The cinematography fantastically relates the experience. The final scene of the movie illustrates this point.

Roger (aka tarantula)



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