Vengeance of the Zombies

Starring Paul Naschy, Vic Winner, Romy, and Mirta Miller 
Directed by Leon Klimovsky

A couple of tomb-robbers are stunned when one of the dead rises up, but they're not stunned for long before they are dead. Set in Scotland this cult classic about a group of zombies is heavy on atmosphere, though low on the effects. Nevertheless, Elvira - - a beautiful redhead -- and the zombies make for superb gothic scenes. Elvira narrowly escapes the clutches of an undead to find her father brutally dead. To get away she stays with Krishna, a pseudo-yoga teacher. Upon going to sleep she is awakened from her drugged slumber and taken to a satanic ritual where Krishna is dressed in goat crown and painted blue. She awakes screaming. Was it a nightmare or an omen? Plenty of great scenes in this one, e.g., the dead at the morgue are a little antsy. Also, there's a great swordplay with a pitchfork and a large scythe. Masked men invade, kill, bottle blood, and practice black magic voodoo to create more zombies. Scotland yard calls upon the help of a local professor of psychiatry who is an expert on the occult to help stop this plague before the entire village goes into a riot.

This is an excellent film with some moments of bad 1970s psychedelic music (which I enjoy), but this is temporary and is worth it given Elvira running around in a long transparent pink nightgown.

Roger (aka tarantula)



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