The Vampire Happening

Directed by Freddie Francis 
Cast - Pia Degermark, Thomas Hunter, Yvor Murillo, Ferdy Mayne

  This German made vampire comedy takes place in modern day Transylvania. Popular American actress Betty Williams (Degermark) visits her ancestor's castle, that she just inherited. Betty wants to spend some time there before selling the estate. She soon discovers that the castle's former countess, her grandmother, was a vampire and bears an uncanny resemblance to herself. The estate's elderly servant tries to warn her of the dangers of staying around too long. Not paying much attention to the old fellow, Betty unknowingly sets her near identical vampire relative free from her tomb. From here on the madness ensues, as each woman decides to play games by impersonating the other. 

  By no means, is this a scary film. What we have here is a well made comedy directed by Hammer veteran Freddie Francis. The humor is very much like "The Fearless Vampire Killers", expect there's a lot of female nudity in this film. Hell, even Ferdy Mayne shows up near the film's end as Dracula.

  Pia Degermark is superb in her sexy dual roles. Some of the sight gags are outrageous, including a priest who hallucinates that the trees around him have become sexual organs. The film offers plenty of fang action as well, but it's not particularly bloody either. Overall this an enjoyable European sex comedy, that's recommended viewing for anyone in the mood for bare breasts and silly humor. 
-T. Luster



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