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"He knows the power of vengeance."

Italian action from Lamberto Bava who went under the alias John Old Jr. as to pay tribute to an alias his late father Mario used (thanks must go out to Shane "Remo D" Dallman for this bit of info). As Italian action goes Blastfighter tends to borrow a bit from Deliverance but it manages to hold its own with a great action packed conclusion and a somewhat different story line.

Michael Sopkiw from After The Fall Of New York plays Jake "Tiger" Sharp, in the movie everyone calls him Tiger. The story unfolds as Tiger, an ex-cop is out of prison after doing time for killing his wife's murderer. The opening scene of Tiger acquiring himself a high powered rifle in a car is a pretty cool intro as the gun plays a major part in the film. After Tiger gets his gun he high tails it to his boyhood home in the mountains where the locals are less than friendly to him.

Tiger uncovers an animal poaching ring ran by an old friend of his named Tom played by the great George Eastman. After a couple of minor confrontations with the local yokels Tiger's daughter shows up out of nowhere. Tiger and his daughter end up in some dire circumstances resulting in them on the run from the local good ol' boys in a test of survival.

The dubbed voices for the most part are pretty good but the dialogue (especially a lot of what is said by Tigers daughter is poorly done). It was great to see George Eastman in a regular guy role for once, he had a fair amount of dialogue as well which was good. He played one of the slimy but good in some ways type characters. The use of animal documentary footage for the scenes where the bucks were being hunted and shot was very effective and chilling. I liked the whole premise of Tiger putting his rifle under the floor boards of his cabin until the end where he uses it to completely destroy the rednecks (blows up vehicles and shoots off limbs etc). The fight scene at the beginning is also quite intense, you can feel the rage ripping right through Sopkiw's character as he kicks some serious ass: "YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM!? I'LL TELL YOU, I'M A SONVABITCH.... that wants to be left alone."

The ending is kind of interesting, I wasn't too fond of it at first but after thinking about it, it kind of made sense to me. Bava threw in some great pumping eighties music as well except for that horrible country song that kept on looping throughout the film.

Rating: 3 out of 5

" 4 out of 5 statistics show, rednecks get involved sexually within their own bloodlines."

Richard Taylor



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