Goodbye Uncle Tom

Goodbye Uncle Tom

First off I want to state that I am not a racist and I watched this film in extreme disgust and shock, I did not enjoy it but I believe it is a true account that shows how horribly African Americans were treated in the 1800's. It is a raw and gritty display of events. The film is said to be a kind of documentary which was done by a couple of Italians in the film who recorded what happened, they couldn't have visually documented due to the primitive times but they must have taken notes and different things. The two Italians roam around different southern states and witness the cruelty first hand. The viewer gets to see much more though such as the utterly sleazy and decadent lifestyles the white people live.

 I couldn't believe the way they treated black people in this film, they were not treated as human beings, only merchandise to be bought and sold, especially the women who would be used as sex slaves or birth machines that could push out more slaves. One character in the film runs a slave camp where he breeds black people like livestock. The strange thing about it is that the black people treat their own kind worse than the white people do in the film. There is no real story or plot structure to the movie, its just a constant display of degradation of the African American race. To be "prepared" for sale they are shoved into a vat of Lysol and any of them with bowel problems have corks roughly inserted into their rectums. One scientist (if you'd call him that) keeps a group of black men chained up forcing them to wear muzzles so they will not eat their own bodily waste. There are many other atrocities displayed and no mercy is shown as the viewer gets a first hand look at the way things were for black people so long ago.

Its not a gore filled film, it is more of a realistic type of film. The most disturbing image in the whole film being the young white girls leading around their black slave boys with dog collars and chains with calm orchestrated music playing in the background. This and the fact that black babies are referred to as "pups" and manhandled. The final part of the film takes place in 1973 and is quite bizarre. It has a black man reading a book on the beach about the backlash of slavery and how the slaves rebelled against their masters. There are dream like scenes where black men break into white peoples homes and kill them. The black man then visions himself killing a group of white people who are annoying him. You have to give the film credit for being honest but you have to wonder if the film isn't just salt into an open wound because I'm sure white supremacists would enjoy the movie (something which is not a good thing) but the movie was not meant for enjoyment but for a look back into the past and what took place. Its better to show the truth than to cover it up because this did happen.

Richard J.Taylor



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