Trap Them and Kill Them

Trap Them And Kill Them
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The master of Italian sleaze and porno Joe D'Amato delivers in full with this sexploitation cannibal film guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for gore, nudity and soft-core sex. The suave music during the opening along with the other cheesy background music (which is along the lines of Dr. Butcher) gives you an idea of what to expect from the film. It plays a lot like an Emmanuelle film, in fact its original title was Emmanuelle And The Last Cannibals so you get the gore and sex all rolled into one.

Laura Gemser plays the lovely lead role and she is a nice looking lady indeed. The movie claims at the beginning that the story contained in the film is true but any verification on that is slight.

Trap Them And Kill Them has Gemser as a reporter who gets together (and in bed with) an Anthropologist (they seem to be helpful on these trips) to go to Amazonia where Gemser wants to get a story on cannibalism. Gemser and her group meet up with Donald O'Brien and his wife who are searching for diamonds unbeknownst to the rest. The cannibals eventually strike and pick off most of the cast, there are some particularly gruesome deaths including a woman who is cut open between her breasts to her stomach and gutted, a man who is ripped completely in half (a nifty camera technique) and another woman who has her crotch ripped open.

Its another cannibal movie in the sub genre but one of the better of its type. It has an especially bad dub job much like the laughable dialogue in "Contamination" or the job done with Zombie. All fans of Italian horror know to expect this by now. D'Amato's movies have a charm all of their own and they are fun to watch because of the ample amounts of nudity and cheesy gore effects, most of the time he delivers.

Rating: 3 out of 5

"Check out the smoking monkey, hehe, smoke monkey, smoke!"

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