The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger
"Warning: May cause irritation to the excessively serious."
"He was 98 Lbs.. of solid nerd until he became......The Toxic Avenger!" "The first superhero from New Jersey!"

Troma's finest hour and for some people that may be not saying much by the look of the film. Myself, being a fan of a selected few Troma Team releases view The Toxic Avenger as the film that really got Troma up and going (again, if you'd call it that). It's probably the companies most popular movie (I think Tromeo And Juliet is up there as well) and Toxie is Troma's mascot.

The Toxic Avenger is a good old fashioned eye gouging, nose bashing, face drilling, hand deep frying, hit and running, dog killing, head smashing, ass burning, dry cleaning, old lady beating, gut ripping, arm tearing good time. It has some of the most tasteless humor ever put on film, this one pulls out all the stops. Its a classic comedy definitely for a select crowd with a sick sense of humor.

Some really disturbing scenes are portrayed such as the brutal running down of a child on a bike and the shooting of a dog and on the lighter side (sort of) an old lady being beaten up. The gore effects are good at times and pitiful during others, its all good fun and they use good old fashioned make-up effects so I like it. You can always count on Troma for sticking to the basics. The acting is fitfully bad but they aim for that, its almost like everyone in the movie is acting for the first time by the looks of it, except for the Mayor and Toxie's girlfriend.

The story line goes as follows: nerdy and scrawny pool attendant has a prank pulled on him which ends his arse up in a barrel of highly toxic waste (nice stuntman change during the fall from the window scene by the way) which transforms him into the title moniker. The Toxic Avenger is played by a well built individual while he has a clear and distinct but dubbed foolishly (ie: intentionally) voice.

Toxie cleans up all the trash in town by literally ripping them apart. Some creative bloodshed is to be found along with ridiculous Karate fight scenarios with fakely magnified sounding punches and kicks. If your familiar with Troma then you'll love this, if your not used to its tastelessness, intentionally bad film making and acting then pass. A classic in bad cinema (and I don't mean as in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, that's just fucking bad.)

Rating: ****

"Where can I find me one of them blind girls?"




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