Directed by Antonio Margheriti 1983, Italy

Starring Antonio Marsina, Tony Marsina, Luciano Pigozzi, Giancarlo Prete

One of Antonio Margheriti's Vietnam War action epics. This time Timothy Brent (Giancarlo Prete) plays the stubble faced sergeant Maggio, a big green beret who challenges his commanding officer Captain Harlow for jeopardizing the lives of his men. Once Maggio assaults Harlow due to his responsibility in the death of one of his men he goes on the run in the jungle with soldiers in hot pursuit of him. Maggio not only has to worry about the soldiers but the enemy Charlie who lurks at every corner.

Tornado (I have no idea why its called this) is a decent Italian Vietnam War action film, it cannot surpass Margheriti's superior The Last Hunter but it provides a number of good moments and anything Italian which takes place in Vietnam is a must see. Memorable scenes include Maggio killing a Viet. Kong soldier after the soldier helps him, a close up of Maggio removing a piece of shrapnel from his arm (OWWWWW!!!!!!!) and the really mind boggling ending (WTF???). I also noticed a lot of the explosions and helicopter footage was borrowed from The Last Hunter. Margheriti's most well known film is the ode to cannibalism and gore Cannibal Apocalypse.



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