Tombs of the Blind Dead

Tombs of the Blind Dead
by John Casper P. is your friend

I picked this baby up for 10 bucks and was surprised at its transfer. It was quite nice, add a little of the VIDEO TREASURE traditional drop outs at the beginning of the tape and after that...The tape was nice..but enough about that.

BLIND DEAD is a silly flick that has some really nice looking zombies...Other than that, the entire cast is really stupid...Really stupid... Some dopey chic gets of a train at the "wrong place" and ends up in an old beat up castle...She sets up camp (I will never understand the stupidity of this woman, look at he place you schmuck!) and reads a book, get comfortable, listens to the radio and we wait for her demise...

BLIND DEAD really doesn't have all that much going for it but visual style, It's quite nice to look at and well crafted on a visual standpoint, I commend the work the film maker's did with the atmosphere and the work on the zombies...Other than that, just through on the pile.....Nice ending, Ill give it that.

Overall rating: ** (for visuals)
Gore Meter: *
Shock Value: *** (those zombie's kick ass!)
Puke Meter: no stars (there's nothing to puke out)



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