Thunder Warrior

Thunder Warrior
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"They gave him hate, he gave them hell.

" Italian "First Blood" (you know, the first Rambo movie) rip-off directed by Fabrizo De Angelis has a tendency to be a bit too talky and it seems the short 84 minutes it runs for lasts for about a 100 minutes. Its slow moving, I lost interest in certain places of the film especially when the cops were chasing Thunder through the mountains.

Thunder is the nick name given to the native American character played by Mark Gregory. Thunder returns to his home town in New Mexico after so many years to marry his love interest. What Thunder comes home to is a town of prejudice. A particular police officer named Rusty really has it in for Thunder. Thunder finds out from an old Indian friend (the only other Indian to be seen in the entire film) whose dubbed voice makes him sound like he's Japanese or Chinese that a sacred burial ground is being desecrated. Thunder tries to stop the construction but the workers start a fight with him and hold that grudge throughout the film. For his troubles Thunder is thrown out of town by the authorities and never told to come back. Even after trying to show a signed treaty to the bank who are operating the construction project nothing is done about it.

After being beaten up and harassed by the construction workers and police Thunder finally loses his cool when his Indian friend is killed. This finally causes him to go on a rampage. The movie follows "First Blood" right down to the bulldozer scene. Thunder Warrior has some pretty good slow mo action scenes which add a bit of style to the movie but not enough for my liking. It has your usual car chases and crashes accompanied by shoot outs.

The movie is not laughable its just not well made. As usual its hard to take the characters seriously because of the dubbed voices and that old Indian's voice is especially hilarious. Paulo Malco from House By The Cemetery and The New York Ripper plays a reporter and Bo Svenson is the sheriff. If you love Sergio Salvati camera work and Fabrizo De Angelis productions this should keep you mildly entertained. Followed by a not so great sequel.

Rating: 2 ½ out of 5

Richard Taylor



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