The Sweet Movie

The Sweet Movie
by John Casper P. is your friend

I have no knowledge of what I just watched. At least BEGOTTEN made sense. Without any doubt this is the most bizarre and PERVERTED movie I think I've EVER seen....It puts SALO and even CALIGULA to shame....It's not gory, it's just, perverted.

All I could figure out was the beginning of the film starts with a Game Show (the same game show appeared in another film IN ITS ENTIRETY, this one's just choppy) this old heiress holds a contest to find a virgin in front of a live (Recorded) audience for her son. In return the women will inherit or be a part of a 50 billion doll fortune. A perverted doctor checks out the woman and than we find our winner.

Zip over to the son's place, a bunch of hippies play agitating music while they watch into the window of the new couple. The son walks out, undresses himself and exposes his GOLDEN penis he than urinates on the girl and we cut to something else, call it what you will but this film doesn't hold back on throwing ANY punches.

It goes from two different languages, obsesses over urine (there must be three or four scenes of people taking a leak and its not simulated) has a shit contest (people see who can take the largest shit). Goes over to some Death Camp sequences (fairly gruesome) simulates pedophilia...Im VERY glad they didn't go TOO FAR with that one. NOTE: NO SEX WITH CHILDREN IS SHOWN ONLY IMPLICATED BUT STILL, THAT'S GOING TO FAR.

We enter an orgy of people basically eating and making themselves puke while one guy whips "it" out, proceeds to urinate and another guy tries to drink it. We go back to shit. In the middle somewhere there's a sugar box (hence sand box) some perverse sexual situations and our main character (?) smothered in chocolate while being photographed.

Pasolini would have been proud....Very proud.

I have no idea what I just watched....I think I need to take a shower now.

Overall rating: ** (only because Im speechless)
Puke Meter: ***
Shock Value: ****
Gore Meter: *1/2 (death camp and a scene with a knife and weird sex)

Do I recommend this? Im lost for words....I have no idea what I just watched.



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