Strip Nude for Your Killer

aka Nude Per L'Assassino 
Directed by Andrea Bianchi 
Cast - Edwige Fenech, Nino Castelnuovo, Femi Benussi, Amanda, Solvi Stubing, 
        Erna Schurer, Franco Diogene, Lugio Como 

  The film begins with a woman dying, during a surgical operation. Later it is revealed that she used to be a model who worked at Albatross studio. One by one, the employees of this studio are being stabbed to death by a mysterious figure wearing black leather and a motorcycle helmet. As the film progresses Magda (Fenech) and Carlos (Castelnuovo) are two photographers that start coming up with clues as to what's going on. Apparently the killer was real interested in an old group photo of the studio's staff. The police always seem to be one step behind, as the cast gets picked off. At one point, the killer drugs Madga, and leaves her with a knife in hand, just after brutally stabbing a few more people. Fortunately Carlos saves her in time, before the police arrive, but they are now on the run as well. 

  This is one the most enjoyable sleazy, sex filled, Italian giallos ever made. The film is balanced with several bloody knife attacks, lots of soft core sex scenes, and a touch of humor here and there. In one scene, the studio owner's husband has trouble getting it up with a pretty blonde model, as soon as she leaves, he breaks out his inflatable doll and says "Oh but it's always different with you". Edwige Fenech has never looked better and has no less than four very good nude scenes. Several other attractive cast members proudly display their assets as well. The film's ending does have a bit of a twist, and ironically *ends* on a humorous note. This is a fine piece of trash recommended for people who like giallos and/or cheap thrills

-T. Luster



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