Street Trash

 100 minute import version reviewed 
 Directed by Jim Muro 
 Cast - Mike Lackey, Vic Noto, Bill Chepil, Jane Arakawa, R.L.Ryan, James Lorrinz, Mark Sferrazza, Nicholle Potter

  A liquor store owner digs out this old crate with half pint bottles of cheap wine called "Viper" and decides to sell these for a buck each, to all the bums and winos. The problem is whoever drinks this stuff will immediately start to melt, in colorful gory detail. OK, now that we've got that bit of plot out of the way, there are several other subplots going as well. The main character in the cast of bums is Fred (Lackey), and he's wanted by a Mafia hood, for walking off with his drunk girlfriend, who winds up dead, after a junk yard gang bang. Bronson (Noto) is an ex-Vietnam vet who's a demented psycho, and king of the junk yard bums. Bronson is rightfully suspected of a recent murder, and Bill the cop (Chepil) is shaking down the bums for information. Meanwhile, junk yard owner Frank Schnizer (Ryan) has the hots for his secretary Wendy (Arakawa) who in turn has the hots for Fred's younger brother Kevin (Sferrazza). While all this culminates, street bums keep drinking "Viper" and melting.

  STREET TRASH was originally a short 10 minute film, that was later turned into a feature length movie. This is actually an entertaining gore comedy with street bums as main characters. In one scene, Bronson cuts off a guy's penis, because he accidentally pissed on him. The junk yard bums proceed to play "keep away" with the guy's dismembered member, in what has become one of the funniest scenes of low grade humor. Actor James Lorrinz has some hilarious bits of dialogue with the Mafia hood he works for. The gore scenes are top notch and plentiful. There's even a few bits of nudity, here and there. If you're not squeamish, and don't mind gutter humor, this is an exceptional film to watch. Highly recommended for those of us into cheap 




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