Street Law

Street Law
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari- Italy

"When there's nowhere else to turn" "It will blow you away"

Italian action/thriller/revenge/drama/slow motion documentary film from one of the genres prime auteurs Enzo G. Castellari. Once again Franco Nero has the lead role but this time instead of the usual tough guy street smart hero role Nero is the working class victim. Nero plays Carlo, a self employed industrial engineer who is held hostage and roughed up during a bank robbery. When the cops do nothing for him Nero decides to take matters into his own hands. Nero gets continually roughed up until he hooks up with a character played by Giancarlo Prete. Prete helps Nero and the two attempt to put an end to the criminals responsible for victimizing Nero.

Street Law is not one of Castellari's best but its not hard to sit through. Nero's character is incredibly pathetic when trying to extract justice and the essence of this is captured quite nicely. The opening to the film is fast paced but the action is kept to a minimum until the conclusion in a warehouse. There are a couple of nice slow motion action scenes which are a trademark in Castellari's works. One great scene involves a car hitting Nero from different angles, some good stunt work displayed here. Not one of Castellari's best but if your accustomed to his work and are fond of it, give Street Law a chance.

-Richard Taylor



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