Shogun Assassin

Shogun Assassin

A film composed of the Lone Wolf and Cub series including Swords Of Vengeance, Lightning Swords Of Death and Baby Cart In The River Styx. The best Lightening Swords Of Death and Baby Cart In The River Styx. The best scenes were Americanized (horrible dubbing for example) and turned into one feature. The film still manages to maintain its visual integrity and style.

Its a basic story as Lone Wolf who is the Shogun's Royal Decapitator vows vengeance against the Shogun for his ordering the death of Lone Wolf's wife. Lone wolf spends the rest of his life along with his infant son who he pushes around in a cart "walking the path to hell." This American version also has another added feature which actually makes it better, a narration from Lone Wolf's son.

The movie consists of nothing more than Lone Wolf and his son traveling the countryside fighting the Shogun's ninjas along the way. This provides some very strong and gory violence but its all in good fun, blood literally gushes into the air. The film has some great visuals to boot along with a high body count (can you keep score?). I think Sandra Bernhardt did a dub job for this flick as well because her name is in the credits but I'm not sure so don't go getting all pissed about it if I'm wrong.

Now, where was I, ah yes, Lone Wolf fights the Shogun's son in a duel, fights a heap of ninjas, takes a bath, goes after the Shogun's brother, travels on a boat and then finally faces The Masters Of Death. He does all of this without working up a sweat (well....except for that time he was wounded). I'd really recommend watching all the films in the series as I'm sure they deliver a more satisfying ending.

To sum things up, Shogun Assassin has some horrid dubbing, great visuals, sword fighting and astonishing violence. Its an enjoyable movie and you don't have to think hard while watching (God forbid if you had to do that!).

Rating: ****

"If I had to be circumcised I'd give Lone Wolf a call!"

Richard J.Taylor



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