Revenge of the Living Dead

Directed by Peter B. Harsone 
Cast - Veronik Catanzaro, Kathryn Charly, Sylvie Novak, Anthea Wyler

This French made horror film is for fans looking for something crude and sleazy. Conniving secretary Brigitte is scheming to blackmail her boss at the milk factory she works for. She hires somebody to poison the locally delivered supply of milk. As a result, three young women die from poisoning. Some nitwit decides the graveyard is a perfect place to dump toxic waste, 
because everyone there is already dead. This causes the three newly deceased women to rise up from their tombs. These deformed zombie chicks go on to kill people in gory detail. Meanwhile, Brigitte hires a prostitute to pose for a lewd video with her drugged out boss. Brigitte tells the hired pro to do everything she knows how to do to a man. The prostitute then replies 
"even the Cambodian wheel-barrel?" As the story unfolds, and as Brigitte continues to get naked for one reason or another, a company official begins an investigation.

Movies like this are few and far between. It's a near perfect mix of gory zombie action, eye catching nude scenes and hilarious dialogue. The zombie chicks bite off a guy's penis and stick a high heeled shoe through a woman's eye. Later on, they grab this prostitute and engage in some zombie lesbian action, before viciously killing their victim with a sword shoved you know 
where. The film also features a truly tasteless toxic fetal abortion scene that even made me wince. Yes folks, there's plenty of cheap thrills to be found in this one. The film's ending has a twist that's guaranteed to make you groan. Overall it's an enjoyable piece of trash that I highly recommend!




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