Redneck Zombies

REDNECK ZOMBIES (1988) 90Min. 

Director: Pericles Lewnes

Cast: Lisa DeHaven, W.E. Benson, William W. Decker

Special FX: Pericles Lewnes, Edward Bishop, George Scott

When an army guy loses a barrel of toxic chemical nuclear waste it falls into the hands of a couple of rednecks who, unable to read the warning use it as a new still. When they take their shine to market, everyone who drinks it turns into a redneck zombie. It’s one of those so-bad-so-good movies, but unfortunately after a couple of views it gets tiresome.

This includes everything which one has come to expect from Troma: bad acting, lots of gore, silly gay humanity, and silly sounds. The redneck family who makes the shine has a fixation with the Beverly Hillbillies, causing the three sons to act like characters from the show. There is one funny parody of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre van-scene in which the rednecks from Maryland outdo themselves and present better than the original. WOW, but that aint saying much!!

In case you have never experienced redneck land, it might surprise you to see the Tobacco Man, dealing all kinds of Tobacco to the redneck kiddies. There are some gruesome munch-out scenes in here and halfway descent FX for a Troma movie. Other funny characters include: the deodorant guy, the wine-gulping guy, and the black and gay soldier dudes. Oh yeah, watch the deodorant guy carefully, for he has a new shirt in every scene. In the end one lady survives with the help of the Tobacco Man and is put in an insane asylum.

Sorry for rambling about this one, just found it hard to write while on the shitter.

Blood and Guts: A+ 
Doug Brotherton



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