Night of the Howling Beast

 (aka The Werewolf And The Yeti) 
 Directed by Miguel Iglesias Bonnos 
 Cast - Paul Naschy, Grace Mills, Sylvia Solar, Gil Vidal, Luis Induni

Paul Naschy is back again as Waldimar Daninsky. This time he leads an  expedition through the mountains of Tibet. Naschy becomes separated from  his friends and winds up in this cave with two mysterious horny women. After making love to both of them, he discovers that they're some sort of cannibalistic witches. One of them puts the bite on him and once again Naschy becomes a werewolf. Meanwhile the expedition is ambushed by the local horde of outlaws. This great little plot gimmick allows Naschy's werewolf character to start mauling the bad guys. Later on Naschy is captured by the ruthless leader of the gang and is in danger of becoming a pawn in their evil schemes.

This movie is one of the most action packed and enjoyable werewolf films that Naschy made in the 70's. Naschy even has some well choreographed fight scenes in this one. In the cheap thrills department there are several nude scenes, most notably actress Grace Mills as his love interest and Sylvia Solar as the gang's witch doctor. The gore scenes include several bloody werewolf attacks and a very graphic skin grafting scene. Oh yeah, there's even a Yeti that Waldimar the werewolf does battle with at the end of the movie. Note to collectors: I've seen two versions of this film under each title and it had exactly the same footage. If you like the Universal classics of the 30s and 40s and can handle a little blood and nudity, this werewolf film is one of the best.




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