Night of the Creeps

Night Of The Creeps

Late eighties spoof which is a mix between humor, horror and sci-fi. Take Night Of The Living Dead, David Cronenberg's Shivers and sprinkle with some early alien pictures then a dash of humor and Night Of The Creeps is born. Some of the humor portrayed in the film is on the border of being extremely annoying and the college stereo types are put into full force with your jocks and annoying frat jerks (beta-capa bullshit).

It begins in space where an alien being chased by another on a space ship is trying to send a capsule to earth (great opening by the way). The thing is sent and it arrives on earth during the 60's. At this time a college jock finds it and becomes the first meatball to carry the alien slug like parasite. At the same time an axe murderer on the loose kills the guys girlfriend. The film shoots to the eighties where a college formal is about to take place. A couple of stereo typical losers named Chris and J.C mope around and fall victim to the better looking individuals.

While trying to pull off a prank to become accepted into a frat J.C. and Chris release the parasite infected body from a freezing chamber in a lab which is storing it on campus (don't you just love the zero logic and coincidences these films have!). The released body begins to infect folks and the parasites are passed on. Eventually the cop that killed the axe wielding psycho back in the day played by Tom Atkins tries to uncover what is going on with help from J.C. and Chris.

The conclusion all fits together with the undead axe murderer, the parasites infecting a bus load of frat jerks and some lame ass one liners. The idea of the film is a good one but its too polished for a horror film, this is intended to be a spoof of a whole slew of different films with the black and white beginning and aliens in space. Its a light hearted film with some competent gore effects but Night Of The Creeps is the sort of film fans of Scream will love while fans of other meaty horror genres can still be entertained by it. Most die hard horror fans will get some enjoyment from it.

"The scene where the bus load of big shot college guys are killed was satisfying. Helped bring out some frustration from my High School days."

Rating: 3 out of 5



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