Ms. 45

MS. 45 
Abel Ferrara 1980 USA

Mob/sleaze film maestro Ferrara delivers a real feel good movie about a beautiful mute woman (Zoe Tamerlis) who is raped twice in the same day and there on in slowly goes crazy and starts executing men with a .45 obtained from one of the rapists she killed and cut up into pieces. The film is pretty effective in its portrayal and angst of someone who cannot speak and the anguish the woman feels inside and not being able to talk about it. If you pass off logic you'll no doubt enjoy this because the dark style makes up for it. Ferrara seems to wallow in depressing violence because the young woman is constantly facing grim situations. In one instance she meets a man at a bar, they leave while the man explains his love life to her which is a bit twisted until the woman decides to kill the man after hearing about what he did to his wives cat after he found her cheating on him. The safety however is not taken off the gun, the man does this and then shoots himself in the head. Its a morbid film but compelling, worthy of a re-release. If you don't care for any of Ferrara's stuff you won't like this. The ending (with the dog, if you were paying attention to the film) is quite sweet when you think about how the rest of the film was.

Richard J.Taylor



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