Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter AKA Absurd, Anthropophagus II Peter Newton AKA Joe D' Amato who is really Aristide Massaccesi 1981 Italy

I really hate it when they try to Americanize a film. This one the sequel to the infamous Anthropophagus Beast or Grim Reaper is a good example. This is the only film I have seen by the famous Italian horror/porn director. The film even tries to be American by showing football on TV for far too long. Film has the beast from the first (Luigi Montefiore Americanized as George Eastman) continuing his rampage. Not much here though except for a cool head drilling and a nice bandsaw lobotomy. Montefiore gets impaled on a fence with his guts hanging out so he's transferred to a hospital where he heals himself.

He gets out and goes to a nearby home where he stuffs a women's head in an oven to burn (it's still on her body by the way). Finally the beast who just really looks like a regular man gets his eyes gouged out and head cut off. Priest Edmund Purdom (heh heh) who was after Anthropophagus doesn't do shit in this. Nothing spectacular, I would call it a cheap one man zombie film with some good gore effects. I was expecting more. One serious complaint I have is the box for the film and the description given on the back which is totally false about a priest after a witch and the presence of a deadly fog, what bullshit.

Rating: 2 1/2 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor



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