Midnight Kiss

 Directed by Joel Bender 
 Cast - Michelle Owens, Gregory A. Greer, Michael McMillen, Robert Miano 
  A recent series of murders have the police baffled. In the last two months sixteen women have been found dead and drained of blood. Finally the cops catch a break as one of the would be victims manages to escape her vampire attacker. Carrie Blass (Owens) volunteers to go undercover to catch the killer. She's grudgingly paired with her ex-husband Dennis (McMillen) on their nightly stake outs. Coming home from a long night of work, she's attacked by the vampire (Greer) and manages to escape with only a bite on her arm. Needless to say, nobody believes she shot her attacker in the head at point blank range and he was still functioning. As the days go by, Carrie is starting to feel changes coming on  that will soon make her a creature of the night. Desperate for answers, she researches the legends of vampires and decides that she must destroy the one that bit her, before it's too late. 
  This is a very good direct to video vampire film. Gregory A. Greer plays his role as a modern day long haired predator with a degree of  levity, that adds to his overall creepyness. He spouts one liners and then rips his victims apart. There's plenty of gore in the movie, including a face ripping scene, an exploding head, and a couple of bloody stakings. One of the film's twists includes Carrie and Dennis visiting the morgue to see if the most recent victims are "coming back". It turns out to be a nice excuse to show some naked vampire women. As Carrie's vampire powers develop, she also uses them to rough up criminals in bloody detail. The film's special effects are decent, and the movie moves along at a decent pace. Recommended viewing for horror fans and vampire enthusiasts.

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