The Mean Machine

Directed by Tulio Demicheli
Cast - Christopher Mitchum,Arthur Kennedy,Barbara Bouchet,Malisa Longo

Fans of Italian cinema rejoice! This mafia action flick delivers the goods. Having just been released from prison,young Rico-(Mitchum) is convinced by his wheelchair bound mother,to avenge his father's death. Rico's father was a mafia boss,who was brutally shot to death,in gory detail, by his rival Don Vito-(Kennedy). Rico also learns that his old girlfriend-(Longo) has become Don Vito's main squeeze. With the aid of a few of his father's old friends and his new gal pal-(Bouchet),Rico is determined to settle the score. -

The Mean Machine is a well paced action film with plenty of bloody violence and nudity. Actress Malisa Longo spends most of the film displaying her lovely assets,and Barbara Bouchet does a striptease,in the middle of the road. Don Vito likes to punish folks by giving them acid baths,and even has one guy castrated. Mitchum's long haired character seems a little too cool at times,but it doesn't take anything away from the film. Even though just about every Italian crime flick has the old revenge motive, this one is very entertaining.




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