Meet The Feebles

Meet The Feebles

Peter Jackson New Zealand 1989

This is definitely one of the most bizarre and original films of its kind. Like the many adds and descriptions I've read for this film, they're all true. You rather love this or hate it. Its one of those films where no one will probably ever go into this kind of territory again. Jackson must have been experimenting with different hallucinogens each night while making this film. A sick spin on the Muppets is shown in this providing that anyone or anything can be imitated or humiliated.

We have a rabbit, which thinks he has a deadly STD but really he has a bad case of small pox. A hippo, which is the star of the Feebles show, she makes S&M films in her spare time for a sleazy rat. A reptilian Vietnam vet, who is a drug addict, he does a knife throwing show and occasionally misses. A pesky fly which delves into extortion. A kind old worm which is a stage hand. A fox which sings a tune called sodomy (hilarious moment). A porcupine which has a crush on a poodle. The owner of the show is a drug dealing, wife cheating Walrus. An elephant, which is a gigolo and tons of other zany characters, fill the line up.

We get a glimpse into their lives before the hippo goes on a rampage and shoots them all down except for the likable characters. Very funny and very twisted. The S&M scenes, walrus vomiting on the golf course, elephant taking a leak, the thing with the big honker sniffing cocaine, The walrus banging a fox, the hippo trying to commit suicide and the Vietnam vet naming out different drugs. It's all here and something to see indeed. Check out the tribute to The Deer Hunter in the reptiles Vietnam flashback scenes.

Rating: 3 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor



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