Massacre In Dinosaur Valley

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley

Directed by Michele Tarantini as Michael Lemick

1985, Italy

Despite the very different title this Italian horror film could be slumped somewhere in with the cannibal sub-genre and to a lesser extent Indiana Jones! Familiar genre actor Michael Sopkiw (Blastfighter, After The Fall Of New York, Devil Fish) plays a fairly likable role as an explorer/fossil collector who specializes in Dinosaur bones. He joins up with a professor and a very unlikely slew of people including a sexually repressed Vietnam vet and his nagging wife for an expedition in the Amazon. Their plane crashes in the middle of the jungle (of course) and some die while the rest are picked off one by one thanks to the friendly local cannibal tribe.

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley would have been better if it played out like a standard cannibal film instead of turning into a movie with two parts including the escape from a slave labor mining operation. This second part really makes the film dull and ends it off quite sloppily leaving you wishing it ended after the encounter with the cannibal tribe. The scenes of Sopkiw shotgunning the cannibals are definitely a high point of the film, he breaks in there and blasts all those fuckers straight to hell!!!

The gore is not too plentiful but a couple of scenes do come to mind, while they are the norm for any cannibal film (ya know, your usual blow dart mayhem, piranha attack, breast mutilation and organ munching). Expect the usual shitty dubbed voices and a familiar sounding music score (the same one was used to a lesser extent in Lamberto Bava's Blastfighter and it suited that movie much better). Another memorable scene has Sopkiw fighting a couple of big burly black dudes in a bar and getting his duff roughed. Not one of the best films of its type by any means, it's pretty standard. You mix your ingredients of soft-core sex, nudity, gore and violence, stir throughly, let it simmer for 10 minutes, pop into your VCR and enjoy!



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