Men Behind the Sun

MAN BEHIND THE SUN (1981) 103Min.

Director: T.F. Mous

Cast: ?????

Special FX: ?????

Supposedly this is the true story about the horrors which were created inside of a Japanese Concentration Camp, controlled by the Manchu 731 squadron led by Ishii Jiro. If you have been lucky enough to see this film, you can see that it was heavily influenced by the savagely violent Cannibal Holocaust, which by the way happens to be the second largest grossing movie ever released in Japan (now they know good entertainment when they see it). The concentration camp turns out to be a home for chemical warfare experiments as well as a training area for a special youth corps. The special effects turn out to be pretty convincing, they include: the ripping of flesh from frozen limbs, the breaking of frozen limbs, a body decompression, and some gruesome bomb test results. The brutality in a couple of scenes if really fucking sickening; for example, a guy throws a baby on the ground and then kicks snow over it. There is also a realistic operation scene performed on a mute.

Nonetheless, the movie proves to be compelling in it’s depiction of ones blind-pride for their nation. If you are not into animal cruelty, it would be best to fast forward the cat and rat scene, for it isn’t faked, that cat is getting devoured alive by those rats. OH YEAH, it’s in Japanese. (Mines in Cantonese -Mortado)

Blood and Guts:A+ 
Doug Brotherton



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