by John Casper P. is your friend

It just can't get any better than this! I must be having a good day, I really enjoyed this movie. Of course, who ever wrote the dialogue should be beaten to death with a stick and as far as the soundtrack, you'll laugh your ass off.

MADMAN begins where all camping out in the woods movies start, at a fire with one of the best lines ever written for the screen "It was a night like tonight"

MADMAN MARS is our JASON VORHEES who wanders around the woods butchering his victims for no apparent reason. Seems that your supposed to NOT say his name in the woods at night OR ELSE he'll come after you. Okay, now what a second, doesn't this sound like all those kooky tales you were first fed as a kid at summer camp?

One of our dopey campers gets up from the fire and starts screaming his name in disbelief, the campers all have a good laugh and they head back to their cabins. The dopey camper sees an image of what appears to be a man standing on a tree and decides to trail off. He follows him to an old abandon house, investigates, leaves and wanders around the woods some more. The head counselor of his particular cabin discovers he's missing and all hell breaks lose.

The film is visually interesting to look at, granted it's no Argento film, but it has a nice tone to it. Some of the shots are well done and at times creepy but unfortunately the film's biggest flaw (like every slasher movie) is its laughable dialogue and (like some slasher movies but not all) horrible music score. Let the film's end credits run just so you can hear the soundtrack, its just too dam funny. The entire film is shot at night (minus a couple of day for night sequences that the viewing audience is not supposed to notice) with a blue gel glued on to just about every sequence to give a "FULL MOON" effect.

If your looking for blood, this one has a hell of a lot more than the rated version of FRIDAY THE 13TH..Some of the effects are cheesy and some are just fun to look at. There maybe a few jumps here and there and a really creative hiding spot for one of our victims (a refrigerator!).

If you can get your hands on it, give it a rent, it's worth an hour and a half. Special thanks to Richard Taylor for tracking this puppy down for me.

Overall rating: **1/2
Puke Meter: 0 
Gore Level: *1/2
Shock Value:**



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