Last House on the Left

Last House On The Left A.k.a. Sex Crime Of The Century, Krueg & Company director: Wes Craven 1972 USA

One of Wes Craven's biggest accomplishments besides Nightmare On Elm Street (Don't talk about Scream, that overrated pile of rubbish). Last House was and will forever be one of the nastiest and coolest flicks around. So shocking that Craven now claims to disown it. What a hell of a film this is though. The story alone gives you an idea how much of an excellent film it is.

Two young ladies decide to pick up some weed on their way to a concert so they go into the wrong apartment. In the apartment escaped convicts hide. They take the girls to a secluded forest area where they abuse, degrade and rape them eventually killing the girls. The convicts then go to one of girls homes unknowingly where the parents eventually find out the people killed their daughter. The enraged parents then take sinister revenge. The finale is quite something.

Surprisingly there isn't a lot of gore in this but the overall effect works especially the torture scenes which some may find hard to take. David Hess is in his highest peak as the mean ass leader of the thugs, Krueg. Catchy music too, wooooooo! I've heard it's a laugh to watch this film and the movie this is supposedly based on titled "The Virgin Spring" back to back. Try it out!

Rating: 5 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor



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