Last House On Dead End Street

Last House On Dead End Street A.k.a. Funhouse
Directed by Victor Janos 1977, USA

Starring: Barbra Amusen, Lawerence Bowman, Dennis Crawford, Alex Kreger, Steven Morrison, Elaine Norcross, Paul Phillips, Geraldine Saunders, Janet Sorley, Franklin Statz

"It's only a movie!"

Super sleazy 70's exploitation film about a fresh out of prison drug dealing, extortionist pimp named Hawkin's who decides he is going to give the word something they have never seen before by making strange snuff movies. He hooks up with a couple of girls and a camera man then begins making the films for a seedy bunch of wealthy weirdos. The movie then displays the making of the movies along with the slime balls he works and sells the movies to.

Last House On Dead End Street is simply a garbage bag movie which makes you feel all dirty afterwards. You get an inside look into the bizarre lives and practices of the rich scum who regularly indulge in pornography and female whippings. A couple of memorable scenes include the Hawkin's and Co. filming a young girl being dissected alive while smelling salt is used to prevent her from passing out. The deer huff sucking scene is also quite memorable, it has a man forced to suck it on a girl who has it sticking out of the crotch of her jeans. There is also actual slaughterhouse footage of cows having their throats cut.

The movie is pretty hard to sit through since it is ridiculously stupid and the actors have the thoughts in their heads expressed regularly in boring dialogue segments. The acting is rubbish and any comparison with this and Last House On The Left is an insult, even House On The Edge Of The Park is better in comparison. I wouldn't be able to watch this crap again.



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