Inglorious Bastards

Inglorious Bastards 
A.k.a: Quel maledetto treno blindato, Counterfeit Commandos, Deadly Mission, G.I. Bro, Hell's Heroes 
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari 
1977, Italy

"If you're a kraut, he'll take you out!"

Italian World War II film by Enzo G. Castellari. Not being incredibly realistic or serious the movie manages to capture a good sense of the hero Americans verses the mean ol'Krauts. The twist involves the American soldiers who are actually a group of convicted deserters who escape and are only out to save their own hides but, in fact make the right decision in the end. Along for the ride are genre vets Bo Svenson (Thunder Warrior I and II, Walking Tall: The Final Chapter, Deadly Impact) and big bad cool daddy Freddy Williamson (Shaft, Warriors Of The Wasteland, 1990: The Bronx Warriors).

The soldiers roam enemy territory killing endless numbers of Germans and even encounter nude madchens with attitude! Inglorious Bastards isn't a well made movie but with slick production values (excluding some of the cheesy explosions) it'll keep genre buffs happy. High point of the film is the conclusion during the train battle scene where director Castellari's trademark slow motion photography comes into play (am I giving the right man credit or is should I be saluting the director of photography?). Another noteworthy scene is the bridge explosion which is well done and as I mentioned before the photography is always the high point in Castellari's works. The dialogue can be quite colorful and bad at times (one soldier: "I need to take a piss" other soldiers response: "tie a knot in your prick"), something which seems to be a reoccurring trait in most Italian action movies. It may not be Saving Private Ryan or The Thin Red Line but its worth watching for a bit of fun.

-Richard Taylor



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